About Phu Quoc Island

Phú Quốc (Vietnamese: [fǔ kǔə̯k]) is the largest island in Vietnam. Phú Quốc and nearby islands, along with the distant Thổ Chu Islands, are part of Kiên Giang Province as Phú Quốc District, the island has a total area of 574 square kilometres (222 sq mi) and a permanent population of approximately 103,000.[1] Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the district of Phú Quốc includes the island proper and 21 smaller islets. Dương Đông town is located on the west coast, and is also the administrative and largest town on the island. The other township is An Thới on the southern tip of the island.
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How to get to Phu Quoc Island
* By air: Flying to Phu Quoc is the most convenient way to get to the island: Road
+ International flight to Phu Quoc:
- Bangkok Airways: Phu Quoc - Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi
- AirAsia: Phu Quoc - Kuala Lumpur - International
- Asiana Airlines: Phu Quoc - Seoul - Incheon
- Azur Air seasonal flights: Phu Quoc - Krasnoyarsk, Moscow - Vnukovo, Yekaterinburg
- China Eastern Airlines flies: Phu Quoc - Kunming
- China Southern Airlines: Phu Quoc -Guangzhou
- Eastar Jet Season: Phu Quoc - Seoul - Incheon
- Hainan Airlines; Phu Quoc
- Shenzhen - Jeju Air: Phu Quoc - Seoul - Incheon
- Korean Air Season: Phu Quoc - Seoul
- Incheon - Lucky Air Season: Phu Quoc - Kunming
- Seasonal Neos: Phu Quoc - Milan - Malpensa
- Okay Airways Airlines; Phu Quoc - Nannin
- Pacific Airlines; Phu Quoc - Seasonal: Da Nang, Wenzhou, Kunming
- The Royal Bay seasonal growing: Phu Quoc - Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow - Sheremetyevo, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg
- TUI Airways Seasonal: Phu Quoc - London - Gatwick, Seasonal subscription: Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm - Arlanda
- VietJet Air; Phu Quoc - Hong Kong, Seoul - Incheon, seasonal ticket booking: Phu Quoc - Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo
- Vietnam Airlines; Phu Quoc - Shanghai - Pudong, Vinh, Wenzhou, Seasonal: Phu Quoc-Moscow - Sheremetyevo (starting September 11, 2020), Novosibirsk (starting October 5, 2020), Vladivostok ( Starting September 16, 2020), Yekaterinburg (commencing October 4, 2020), Charter: Phu Quoc - Chengdu, Kunming, Seoul - Incheon, Wuxi Tang
+ Domestic flight to Phu Quoc:
- Bamboo Airways: Phu Quoc - Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Hoa
- Pacific Airlines; Phu Quoc - Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
-VietJet Air; Phu Quoc - Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh
- Vietnam Airlines; Phu Quoc - Da Lat, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh
- Vietnam Airlines operated by VASCO: Phu Quoc - Can Tho Duong
By Sea:
Traveling to Phu Quoc by boat, ferry, hydrofoil and cruise ship is becoming a popular choice as the number of tourists visiting the island increases each year. With the continuous development of port facilities in Phu Quoc, there will be more services in the coming years. There are a variety of services available between the Vietnamese mainland and Phu Quoc island, running regularly every day. Less frequent international services are also available from time to time, although you should check with specific companies in advance. We provide a summary below of the services and schedules available at ports on Phu Quoc Island.
Services typically take around 2:30 hours from Rach Gia and 1:15 hours from Ha Tien, with most vessels docking at An Thoi port, although some services also dock at Duong Dong port. Mini buses and motorbike taxi are available upon arrival in An Thoi, if you go to Duong Dong, Bai Dai or any of the resorts or hotels on the island.
Supper East ship / ferry:
• Ho Chi Minh City: Tel / Fax: 84-8-4305142
• Rach Gia: Tel 84-77-877742 or 878475; Fax: 84-77-877741
• Phu Quoc Island: 84-77-846180 or 990368; Fax: 84-77-980111
Customs & visas:
All visitors must hold a Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam, except for the following countries that are exempt from visa upon entry, exit or stay. Since November 2014, foreigners flying directly to Phu Quoc Island (via Siem Reap, Singapore, etc.) do not need a Visa anymore.
• Citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos holding valid ordinary passports are exempt from visa requirements and are allowed to stay for no more than 30 days.
• Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Japanese and Korean citizens holding different types of passports are exempt from visas and are allowed to stay for no more than 15 days
How to get to Phu Quoc Bungalow Yen Thanh
When on the island by air or sea, you can easily catch an affordable taxi from 50-70 cents / km ~ 11,000 to 13,000 VND.
There are 4 taxi services on the island:
Taxi Phu Quoc: +84 2973 757 575
Sasco Taxi: +84 2973.767 676
Taxi Saigon Phu Quoc: +84 2973 737 373
Mai Linh Taxi: +84 2973 979 797
You can also take a shuttle bus to Duong Dong Town when you take the ferry. Ticket purchase fees range from US $ 1.5 to US $ 2 ~ 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND.
If you want to explore the island with your driving skills, you can rent a car or motorbike at the airport and ferry terminal.
Solida Phu Quoc Resort offers free airport pick-up service from US $ 12 to 15 ~ 250,000 VND - 300,000 VND / way. Please contact our resort 24 hours before arrival.
Phu Quoc Airport 25 minutes 17 km
Bai Vong Ferry Terminal 30 minutes 20 km
Traveling time is the best time?
The dry season of Phu Quoc from October to March is the most beautiful season, but because this season is the peak, the prices of hotels and resorts soar. You should book at least a month in advance to ensure room availability. Air ticket booking is absolutely essential. Phu Quoc tourism season is from April to September, the number of tourists from all over Phu Quoc is quite crowded, this is the tourist season when you book cheap package tours. There are many tour companies that organize package tours to Phu Quoc 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, ... Depending on your budget, you can choose tour packages with a wide selection of 2-star hotels. 3 stars or 4 stars. You should also book related services at least 1 month prior to this season, room availability and ticketing out are normal.
Where is the best place to eat on Phu Quoc?
Herring salad is a specialty dish not to be missed when coming to Phu Quoc. Herring salad should be used with Sim Phu Quoc wine to correct the taste and taste. Some specialties can be purchased as gifts for relatives such as Phu Quoc fish sauce, black pepper, Phu Quoc white pepper. Banh Tet can be found at Duong Dong market, as well as delicious dishes not to be missed when coming to the beautiful island of Phu Quoc.
Phu Quoc tourism should see?
- Ham Ninh fishing village: A village of the island still exists today - visitors can buy and enjoy fresh seafood or find souvenirs, dried seafood ...
- Suoi Tranh: The stream originates from the Ham Ninh mountain range and cascades into a three-tiered stream that attracts visitors to explore the mysteries of nature. Suoi Tranh is a large eco-tourism area on Phu Quoc Island, visitors can visit and explore three-tiered waterfall climbing.
- Phu Quoc National Park: An area of ​​primeval forest with 929 species of plants and 144 species of animals living on an area of ​​370 km2. Visitors coming here can return to their intact natural ecosystem in temperate climates from 24 - 27oC, great for picnics or relaxation. From the top of Pagoda mountain at 565 meters in the national park, visitors can panoramic views of the mountains and forests of Phu Quoc island.
- Vinpearl Safari: The only and only place in Vietnam with more than 1,500 individuals of 100 animal species living in a completely open, unshielded area where wild specimens live in their natural habitat. of them. Visitors can explore and observe nature on the highly protected bus Vinpearl Safari Park is not just a wildlife exhibition park. It is also designated as the center for research, breeding and conservation of the world's most rare flora and fauna.
- Bai Sao: This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc. Next to Bai Sao is Co An Yen beach with many strange rocks, where swiftlets nest. Visitors coming to Sao beach after swimming will enjoy delicious seafood dishes ...
- Ganh Dau Bay is located on a pristine white sand beach, leaning against the primeval forest with many ancient oil trees. It is about 2.5 km to the Hon Nang of Cambodia. Ganh Dau has a beautiful view at sunset.
- Bai Dai: Starting from Ganh Dau beach with golden sand stretching for 15 km flat to the top of Lao mountain. The beach is surrounded by Bai Dai mountains, with lush primary forests. There are many luxury resorts located in Bai Dai. You can spend a day here with Vinwonder (water and theme park), Safari, Corona Casino
- Beach Where: Starting from Dinh Cau stretching to Ham Street, a beautiful beach, less waves all year round, attracts visitors to swim. The beach has many high-class hotels, resorts and restaurants to serve the needs of tourists. Bai Dai is the area with the most tourists coming to Phu Quoc Island.
- Phu Quoc Pearl Farm: "Phu Quoc Pearl Farm" was established in 1994, by Mr. Grant Jonhanston, a New Zealander, who works. Phu Quoc Pearl is a famous brand name for prestige, quality and an attractive tourist attraction.
- Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory: Phu Quoc Fish Sauce is made from fresh anchovy ingredients, which is famous throughout the country and abroad. you can explore traditional handcrafted manufacturing processes at the factory, which is the pride of Phu Quoc Island. You can freely visit such as: Thanh Ha, Quoc Hung, Sasco, Hung Thinh ...
- An Thoi archipelago: An Thoi archipelago with 12 different small islands to the south, the islands still retain the wild features, the white sand beach will be a private space suitable for couples or groups of friends. Be in harmony with the blue sea or find the wilderness ...
- Ho Quoc Pagoda: Ho Quoc Pagoda (or Truc Lam Ho Quoc) is one of the works in the project of spirituality. sightseeing area more than 110ha
- Phu Quoc Prison (Coconut Prison): Phu Quoc Prison (Vietnamese: Phu Quoc Prison) is a prison in Phu Quoc, South Vietnam (now Kien Giang province) The prison was built by the French colonialists. erected in 1949-1950 to detain people considered particularly dangerous to the colonialists.Many high-ranking leaders of Vietnam were detained here, ranked as historic monuments by the Vietnamese state. The most famous place in this prison is the "tiger cage" (vi: "barn") The prison covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters (0.015 sq mi), the prison closed after the reunification of the country. new and open doors to welcome visitors later.
- The world's longest Phu Quoc Hon Thom cable car, theme and water park on the Island
- Hon Thom cable car Hon Thom Phu Quoc:
The newly opened cable car route connecting Phu Quoc Island with Hon Thom is a truly spectacular experience. Traveling on the cable car, you soar above a turquoise sea and islands with amazing views. With a length of 8 km, Phu Quoc cable car is the longest non-stop three-way cable car in the world recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.
When visiting Hon Thom by cable car, visitors will have a wonderful and unforgettable time because you will admire the whole beauty of Phu Quoc island from above. The journey to the top with Hon Thom cable car gives visitors an interesting experience, when collecting 360 degrees of the sky and watching the picture of South Phu Quoc portrayed in the most realistic and vivid natural colors.
What to do in Phu Quoc island?
- Go to the beach
- Play thrilling games
- Casino
- Explore nature / beauty / history
- Fishing / diving watching coral
- Pearl / seafood shopping
- Check in / beautiful views / resort / cafe
- Enjoy seafood and many specialties
(Compiled from various sources)



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